About Us

Zor Enterprises Corporation is an innovative consumer design and manufacturing company of high-quality consumer products. Roger Zullig, the company’s president and product innovator, had the vision to create a disposable razor blade sharpener that would make shaving cheaper and more convenient. The story firstly originated in Switzerland and today, the head office is located in Abbotsford, British Colombia, Canada.


The Ra-zor Slide Pro was a concept that began seven years ago. When Roger first began to think about the Ra-zor Slide Pro design, he had both men and women in mind. His idea was to design a small, efficient device that would fit comfortably in the user’s hand.

Thus, the Ra-zor Slide Pro was created – an innovative shaving accessorthat would save time, money, and the environment! Why waste money on expensive razor blades if you can re-sharpen them and use them over and over again? 

About the Ra-zor Slide Pro

The Ra-zor Slide Pro is a revolutionary breakthrough in disposable razor blade sharpening technology. It allows consumers to keep their razors sharp for a very long time and save a junk of money while protecting the environment! 

Ra-zor Slide Pro Feature

  • Width: 5.6 cm 
  • Length: 14 cm 
  • Thickness: 2.5 cm 
  • Self-lubricating 
  • Easily sticks to bathroom tiles 
  • Extends durability of disposable razor blades 
  • Designed in male and female variation 

Patented Swiss precision technology assures a sharper razor blade and smoother shave for up to 6 months

Sharpens disposable razor blades, which become dull after only a few uses, fast and easy

Will sharpen the blade in both dry or wet conditions while protecting the crucial gliding strips at the same time

Over 2 billion razor blades are deposited into landfills every year

Allows users to reuse their blades repeatedly and thereby reduce the damage to the environment

Saves the average blade shaver $400.00 per year in shaving cost