“Straight Razor” were sharpened using a leather strop and this was a great idea...

In 1901 a revolutionary device was introduced, The disposable Razor. The concept was easy. Produce a inexpensive razor that could be thrown away. Making big money selling people the same product over and over.

At first, no one wanted to buy disposable razors. Why keep paying for something, when the razor that was being used could just be sharpened.

Then the world changed with World War I
Razor companies gave their convenient solution to enlisted men for free and the gamble paid off! By the time the war was over, we have already developed a taste for convenience. The idea of throwing away a dull blade was born. 

Even though manufacturing of disposable blades has become a refined science. The price just keeps going up and up. In a world where recycling is a must, some still encourage to add billions of Razor Blades to growing land fills.

To one man the answer to the problem seemed obvious and inspired a vision.

We need in every bathroom a hassle free quick and easy way to sharpen them all over again. 

They told him those Razor Blades were designed to be thrown away and sharpening them could not be done. When someone says this to you, it is time to act! A great motivation, for a man a custom to Swiss Precision, to take on a challenge like this.

After years of testing and refining, the all new “RA-ZOR SLIDE PRO” became an easy to use enhancement to a daily smooth shave. Razor-Blade Sharpening has become a pleasant money saving reality once more.