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Hold the Ra-zor Slide Pro with the left or the right hand. We produced a model for left and right handed people. With the other hand remove the Razor from its holder. Place it over the 5 directional arrows on the sharpening surface. Then push the Razor without force through the guiding rails starting on its widest spacing. Repeat this as needed for a smooth shave.

You can hang your Razor on the narrow end of the guiding Rails. This regardless whether you hang it on the wall or just lay it down on your sink.

You can use one Gillette Mach III type Razor Blade for up to 10 month before changing it to a new one. Remember to sharpen also a brand new Razor Blade before the first use. It will be sharper right at the start.

We guarantee with normal use that your Razor will stay sharp for a very long time.

We recommend to use a Sharpening Surface for approximately 1 years. That depends on how it is individually used and kept clean. Rinse the Ra-zor Slide Pro every time after use. In Emergency situations, you can also turn the Sharpening Surface to the other side. This is only recommended if you turn the Surface from right handed to left handed frequently, otherwise it will leave pressure marks on the Surface and influence its functionality slightly.

At the wider opening of the guiding rails pull the “sharpening surface” out.

Rinse and dry the Ra-zor Slide Pro.

Carefully insert the new “sharpening surface” into the 3.2 mm high groove inside the Rails. When it is locked in place just push it into the Ra-zor Slide Pro until it arrives at the front in the rounded 2mm rim.

That question can best be answered by a shipping company. We just forward the money to the shipping company.

We offer free shipping with the purchase of a small box that contains minimum 6 to 12 products.

We ship the product all over the world. The common currency is US$. You can pay via with a Credit-card or Paypal to safely transfer the funds.

We recommend the Gillette Mach III, because the precision Ra-zor Slide Pro performs optimized with these Razor Blades.

We have tested many other 3 Blade Razors with success. Feel Free to use any Razor that fits between the Guiding Rails we designed with your safety in mind.

Order questions

Your oder will be processed in one to two business days.

Tracking the shipment will give you that information. We send out the product as soon as the payment is in our account. Usually the same day. The normal shipment can take up to 14 days depending where in the world it goes to.

No problem! The Razor Slide Pro is designed for everyone that wants to enjoy a smooth shave.  Do you care to save a lot of money. In fact, woman’s Razor Blades are even more expensive the mens. The sharpener is designed to precisely work for Gillette Mach III Series Razors but that does not stop you also they are unisex.

We have designed a convenient Ra-zor Slide Pro Wall attachment Holder, so that you can hang the Ra-zor Slide Pro on the Wall in the shower or over your bath tub.

The high quality Sticker holds on mirrors or all flat tiles very firmly.

Just change the delivery address to your friends address. The billing address to your address and make the payment. Please remind your friend to sign up and make an account with us so that he/she can control future orders.

We gladly replace defective product.

We ship the product all over the world.

You can order to any location. Just enter the correct billing address and have the package sent to FPO.

Please check with the shipping company and use the tracking number we have supplied you with. If the product got lost in the mail system, we will replace that product for you. We need confirmation that the product did not get delivered by the shipper.

We offer free shipping for orders 6-12 products at one time.

Use the latest browser from Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. That is the site, please let us know which pages you have trouble with.

Yes you can, just choose express shipping. Select this in shipping methods and we will mail it out that way.

Product questions

Hold the Ra-zor with one hand, and the Sharpener with the logo facing you in the other hand. (If you shave with the other hand, you can reverse the Sharpening Surface Pad. Pull it out of the groves inside the Guiding Rails. Rotate it bottom up. Now reinsert it into the groves and push it gently into the Ra-zor Slide Pro until it reaches the front at the exit of the rails.)

Now, you put your Razor onto the Sharpening Surface Pad where the arrows are located. The push the Razor through the guiding rails. It will automatically align itself perfectly and the optimal pressure will be applied automatically to the blades multiple times in one push. Repeat as needed.

If you shave with the other hand, you can reverse the Sharpening Surface Pad. Pull it out of the groves inside the Guiding Rails. Do this in the opposite direction the arrows point toward. Rotate it bottom up. Now reinsert it into the groves and push it gently into the Ra-zor Slide Pro until it reaches the front at the exit of the rails. The Sharpening Surface Pad fits perfectly into the U-shaped rim.

Insert the Ra-zor Slide Pro into the rounded part of the Gillette Mach III Series Razor Holder. Now press the Ra-zor Slide Pro into the Razor Blade Holder that contains spare blades.

We recommend a replacement every 2.5 years depending on your usage. The product is lab-tested for 1’800 times per Blade. The Surface last for 2-3 Blades.

Yes of course at checkout simply fill in the shipping address separately from your billing address.

Payment questions

We don’t store your credit card information. Pay the next order with any method of your choosing.

Just enter it into the field assigned for the coupons.

We accept credit card payments and Paypal payments as well as direct payments to our bank. We ship when the payment has reached our account.

As soon as you confirmed the order. If your payment is approved, we ship the product and update your record with the tracking number.

Please email us with the information where you received your coupon from.

The coupon has no expiration date. We recommend to use it as soon as possible.

There is a field available at the checkout page. Please enter your promo code there.

Payment is handled in a secured space by Paypal or the Banks.

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