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Slide Pro + Wall Holder

Sharpen your high quality Razor Blades, as you enjoy a smooth shave every day. Our patented technology assures not only a sharper razor blade for up to 6 months but also protects the gliding strip that protects your skin. Ra-zor Slide Pro can be used easily and safely every day.

Organize Effectively With The Ra-zor Slide Pro Combo Pack 1


How to use the Razor Blade Sharpener?

Put the Razors head onto the Surface Pad. Use conveniently the wide part of the protective guiding rails. Now push the Razor through the Razor Blade Sharpener. Applying extra pressure is NOT required, the Razor Blade Sharpener does that automatically with great precision. Repeat as needed, we recommend 1-3 times after each smooth shave. Caution: Never pull the Razor backward out of the Razor Blade Sharpener. The Blades will cut the Sharpening Surface Pad immediately and will require replacement.

Shaving Tips & Tricks

Apply shaving foam or gel to the hair you like to remove. This will soften the hair and prepare your skin for a smooth shave. Shave in the direction the hair is growing. If it is growing down, shave downward. This requires a sharp Razor Blade. With Ra-zor Slide Pro even your newly bought high quality Blade is sharper after one use, then when it came out of the box. After you are finished in the direction your hair grows, you can clean it up by shaving in the opposite direction as well. This way you prevent unnecessary pulling on your skin which can be uncomfortable for some. These Tips are working well for me, you do whatever works best for you. Everybody is slightly different, hence these Tips are not applicable for everyone.

How does the Razor Blade Sharpener work differently from anybody elses?

1. The wide platform lets you conveniently place your Razor onto the Sharpening Surface Pad. We recommend the highest quality 3 Blade Razor 42mm wide. (Hint: The best a man or woman can get).

2. The protective guiding rails align the razor perfectly straight automatically (each side only 0.1 mm tolerance).

3. When moving your finger over the surface, you can recognize multiple waves. Those waves remove the pressure from the Gliding Strips. On each progressive increasing high point each Blade gets sharpened and cleaned at the same time.

4. The pressure is with great precision applied to the Blades automatically, because the spacing from the Inside of the Rails to the Sharpening Surface is exactely calculated to give you an optimal sharpening of your Razor Blade.

5. The seven layer Sharpening Surface Pad has diagonally placed edges that straighten the microscopic small burrs on your blades.

6. We recommend to replace the Sharpening Surface Pad every 12 months for optimal sharpening performance.

7. The convenient Wall attachment Holder allows the Razor to be stowed away comfortably in the SHOWER, over the BATHTUB or for men next to the SINK on tiles or mirror. “We recommend to order Ra-zor Slide Pro and Wall attachment Holder together to save shipping cost”!

Disposable razors are one of the options for a smooth and clean shave. They are hassle-free and simple, making for some of the best shaving razors for men. To keep them sharp and useable for long, men can use a razor sharpener like Ra-zor Slide Pro, that cuts through burrs and makes the blade as good as new.

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Black, Blue, Pink


Black, Blue, Pink