A breakthrough in disposable razor blade sharpening

Imagine enjoying a smooth shave everyday while saving money and protecting our environment?

Now you can!

ZOR Enterprise Corporation from Abbotsford, British Columbia is proud to introduce the all new Ra-zor Slide Pro; a breakthrough in disposable razor blade sharpening technology that will save you money and protect our environment.

The Ra-zor Slide Pro makes sharpening disposable razor blades, which become dull after only a few uses, fast & easy. The device is carefully crafted with Swiss-like precision. Its patented technology assures a sharper razor blade and smoother shave for up to 6 months.

According to the company’s president Roger Zullig, “the Ra-zor Slide Pro will save the average blade shaver, a man or a women, up to $400.00 per year in shaving cost.”

When asked about its effect on protecting the environment Mr. Zullig says, “over 2 billion razor blades are deposited into (U.S) landfills every year. The Ra-zor Slide Pro will allow users to reuse their blades over and over and thereby reducing the damage to our environment.”

When pressed about its design to keep the blades clean & sharp to protect the user’s skin from being irritated by a dull blade Mr. Zullig says, “when I designed the Ra-zor Slide Pro I had both men & women in mind. I wanted to design a device that was small, efficient and would fit comfortably in the users hand.

Because the product would be used in the shower, over the bathtub or near the sink attached to tiles or mirrors, I needed to use material that would be self lubricating and could sharpen the blade in both dry or wet conditions while protecting the so important gliding strip at the same time. Fortunately, I was able to find the right material to address this very important issue.”

For Mr. Zullig, the Ra-zor Slide Pro has been 7 years in the making. What started out as an idea to “sharpen disposable razor blades to receive a smoother shave, to save money & to protect the environment” is now a reality to share with everyone.

Today his product is currently being marketed in North America, but Mr. Zullig sees a day in the not to distant future where his product is marketed world wide with every 2nd household having one or many Ra-zor Slide Pro’s in their bathrooms.

For more information on the Ra-zor Slide Pro please visit https://ra-zor.com

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